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Hiraen 2k x 2k Terrain

Here is a download that is for a open world or can be used for survival game play! This is a huge 2000×2000 beautiful terrain with tons of tall pine trees. You can use this for what you want but you must specify who has made this map (bidule995) Completion Time: 2hrs 55 mins Programs Used: World Painter World Machine …

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Elessar | The Forest Palace

The builder¬†Bobely [EpiCube] Elessar, the forest palace.Build,terraforming and renders by Bobely89. (duck by Be_a_St, butterflies by Jojolapin18 and I ) map composed into : – a small “prehistorical type” village near to a giant Ent – an old city destroyed by a stone golem – a small elf type place -a mega build in a really fantasy style, terraformed roof …

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