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Starcraft 2 Minotaur Battlecruiser

STARCRAFT 2 MINOTAUR BATTLECRUISER This is a 1:2 scale model of the Minotaur class Battlecruiser from Starcraft 2. This means this puppy is over 250m long. The changes made to the design are: large docking bay on the base of the Battlecruiser, extra output on the front of the cruiser for the Yomato cannon, and general change in style of …

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Floating City of Cielo

This is one of those rare projects where the builders decided to not use any texture packs. After seeing 1000’s of builds its nice to see one that doesn’t require another texture pack download.  Don’t get me wrong, texture packs do make some of the builds look amazing! Anyways check out the video and more screenshots below on this beauty! …

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