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The Great Chicken Cathedral

Praise the Great Chicken. This is a fun little cathedral I started as a joke earlier this year and finally got around to finishing this month. I started off trying to model the cathedral-like the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Spain. But of course it was a huge undertaking and soon after the cathedral took on its own style. The …

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Large Victorian House

This victorian house uses yellow stained clay, lime stained clay, quartz, and stone bricks as the main building materials. I also used andesite as a foundation and some red brick details mixed into the structure. The house exterior consists of a wrap-around porch that leads to a backyard patio. There is a driveway that leads to a small garage house …

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Days of Creations | The Bridge City of Non Anor | Star Wars

A special time of TheReawakens, here to bring you a bunch of creations Server IP: play.reawakens.net Website: www.reawakens.net A new creation from TheReawakens server, in the special event “Days of Creations”, where we will bring a lot of great content to all of you guys. We will bring you some of the smaller great projects, but also some of the large scale that have …

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Victorian Home | WoK

Hi! It’s Fahd showing you another build – a Victorian Home! 😀 This summer-time open-plan home includes everything need in a luxury home, such as an kitchen open to a living room, a dining area and the foyer, bedrooms and bathrooms! :3 Help me to get to 400 subscribers and level 38? 😀 That would be very fantastic indeed, daahhhlinggs! …

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