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Faberzhe Palace

Deep underneath the icy Baltic Sea, lies some of the most valuable treasure known to mankind. The finest creations of the legendary Faberge dynasty are held within an enormous fortress,¬†towering from the seabed to the surface. Suitably Slavic architecture reflects the cultural context of the Faberge treasure, and the unmistakably Russian roots of these priceless gems Voluminous coral reefs form …

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Echoes From The Deep

Echoes from The Deep… A once prosperous civilization now fears for their lives, the Martens have heard rumors of tumult on the seabed, cyber pirates invading. An infamous threat that has been terrorizing the seas with a sweep of domination has finally come to its core. As the Martens are preparing for war and the ships of the Cyber Pirates …

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Hydros, the Evolving City of Tomorrow | Timelapse

Some words from the builder LanguageCraft LanguageCraft is proud to present Hydros, the City of Tomorrow. A year in the making, it is an underwater futuristic city, spanning a giant dome as well as a lake, and even tall towers along the seafront. After the city itelf was built, Demeter Tower was created to provide food, and the Opera for …

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