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Game of Thrones | Targaryen Stronghold

So the new season of Game of Thrones has just started and at the end of the episode, it features the Targaryen Stronghold. So, of course, I had a go at building it over the weekend! Youtube Channel: goo.gl/26aE3h Timelapse: Additional Credits: Built by: Trixy Blox Screenshots

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Cozy little Medieval House | Timelapse + Download

Welcome back to an other time lapse, this time here without resource pack in 1.8. It was a personal challenge because usually I work with the Conquest really immersive pack and I would like tried to make the most ambient in default. What do you think ? Created in 2h53, with interior (it’s rarely), available in SURVIVAL MAP ! Inspiration …

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Mirage Luxury Modern House

The builder:¬†TheHexBox This really small yet really cool modern house I made on my singleplyaer. This house is 14×14 if you include the exterior details but the interior is only approvximately 8 or 7×7. I really hope you enjoy, a download link is available. A timelapse was filmed of this build by myself, the music in the timelapse was composed …

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Hydros, the Evolving City of Tomorrow | Timelapse

Some words from the builder LanguageCraft LanguageCraft is proud to present Hydros, the City of Tomorrow. A year in the making, it is an underwater futuristic city, spanning a giant dome as well as a lake, and even tall towers along the seafront. After the city itelf was built, Demeter Tower was created to provide food, and the Opera for …

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