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Playlist Theme Park

Welcome to Playlist Park. We are like the go-to place to just like chill like, we are like, so excited to have you join our endlessly awesome party. We have a DJ booth and the DJ is like, so fire oh my gosh. We also have this dope ride that goes like, fast. Like, its like, zoom. Like fast. Imagine …

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Built by the BlockWorks Team Commissioned by Disney, this is our Minecraft version of the fantastical futuristic city from the film, Tomorrowland. The city of Tomorrowland is a Utopian vision of a beautiful, futuristic city – built and lived in by the world’s greatest minds. A place where anything is possible, Tomorrowland is an urban dreamworld of epic proportions. Huge thanks …

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MinePark | A Minecraft Theme Park

iRiZ Gaming has been working on this theme park with extreme dedication and integrity for the past couple of weeks. It features multiple coasters, mazes, parkour, mini golf, pixel art and more! Please leave comments and suggestions below, as we will be updating the map with tweaks!

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