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Conderial | Steampunk City

“Ancient lands of antiquity, brought together by metal and steam. A coastal kingdom of the north, unsurpassed by any other land” Map Info This map was created as an environment to support a MMORPG server called Heroes of Galderon (what will happen to HOG is still a mystery). The project was created over 2 weeks of time, requested by Ogedi, …

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Primal Portal | Steampunk Dinosaurs

For this newest project, we created a great portal from a mysterious land opening into a blank world, lifeless and pristine; an untouched canvas. Out from this portal comes a host of great and mighty Mesozoic Monsters! Not only are they giant reptiles, but they are also made even stronger by the metal in their bones and the machinery that …

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Eulias | Steampunk Hideaway

Built by: TheShadyJester Eulias is a small humble village out in marshes. It has through years of co-existence with nature learned how to live along with it without damaging it. It’s a humble life, and little happen here, so the inhabitants always welcome newcomers that want’s to move in here! Will you? 

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The Marvelous Glacier | Steampunk Airship

Some words from the builder DJpaulii Built on Teweran – https://www.youtube.com/user/Teweran   Make sure to check out my facebook-page! Feel free to make a cinematic of this! Infos Texture Pack You can use any Texture-Pack you want! Download Feel free to download this project, BUT be carefully with the rights (more Infos in the next spoiler below)!   Rights You are not allowed …

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Unic | A Steampunk Home

Some words from the builder PixelBlock Unic is a Steampunk/Fantasy home including a hot-air balloon, a windmill, a watermill, and a small garden. It was made in about 4 hours. It’s an entry for Venom’s 250 subscriber contest. Texturepack is Athery’s Ascended by Gazamo. Lore: In the mid-15th century a trader from the eastern ports traveled to the north seeking further …

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