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Easy Small Statues

Below are some easy to build statue ideas for your next world! As you can see IanBalisy took all the hard work out of it for you as you can easily just copy his design. Of course there are other alternatives you could come up with but these are a great start! These would fit in great just randomly in …

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Alitheia – Wings of Justice | Modern Greek Courthouse

Alitheia – Wings of Justice Hello! This was a very complicated build I’ve had, inspired by Justitia, and the TV show Daredevil apparently. Had to rush this a bit in time for the Week In Review, if it is actually counted. Couldn’t do the sword in time but will make an update for it; at least the Scale with the …

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Andor | The Two Suns

 1.5 x 1.5k Map Build by Bobely in two month. Composed of two giant structures and few smallest ones. A giant rabbit standing here, don’t really know what he’s doing here (maybe waiting for a carrot ! ) Hope you’ll enjoy it ! Made just for fun, no real pretentions with this project, pretty sure that’s my last “mega build”, …

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A Jaourney Through Hell

The builder DivineMedicus I started building this approximately a month ago, when I experiences days of depression and sadness. Instead of mourning and complaining, I decided to spend the emotions on the arts. My music literature and visual arts is where I spent most of my time for the past two months or so. Nonetheless, I present to you this build, …

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Plutopia – Floating Worlds

Meet the builder: Plutouthere Never thought I would finish this project at the rate I was going.. But here it is! For you all to enjoy. After a lot of thought I decided to make it my first and last attempt at getting in the Angel Block Society. I figure if I don’t get in, well this is about as creative/good …

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