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Nike Arena | Stadium

So, this one took me way more than I thought it would. About me My name is Liav, I’m 20, and I’m currently doing my mandatory service at the IDF, Israel. I started playing Minecraft when I was about 13, and it kinda turned into a hobby of mine, I’m also a musician and I have a band called Another …

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Tennis Court

Minecraft how to make a tennis court xbox one Welcome back to Minecraft. Maybe our citizens need some exercise every now they already have a park to relax in. So let build them a Tennis Court ►Texture pack: Default ► Initial Design by: Jamiegames250 If you have any idea’s about buildings or vehicles or anything else that might be found …

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Water Cooler

Here is a another great idea! Meet the new water cooler! This will be one of those finishing touches if your building an office, sports stadium, gym, or anything where water or Gatorade is needed! Just use a different color of stained glass! Whats Needed Snow Item Frame Cyan Stained Glass White Stained Glass Light Gray Carpet How To Use …

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