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Shadows over Midway

Alternate history, 1946 After several years of decisive action in the Pacific Theater, the high command of the Imperial Japanese Navy encountered severe problems with their supply chains. Their lines overstretched from New Zealand in the South to the Alaskan coast, it became nearly impossible to ferry adequate amounts of food, ammunition, and repair parts to the front lines. Consequently, …

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Lior 2013 | The Air Kingdom

Built by ka2stgo Texturepack: KoP Photo Realism [64] 128 256 This is an interesting idea. A floating city with boats! All the space was used very wisely thus giving you the impression the city has been a work of art! Take a look at the screenshots below.

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Carrier Strike Group | USS Ronald Regan + More!

A word from the builder Se1fD3struct1on: This is a fleet of ships featuring all of the ships I have built. they include the USS Ronald Reagan, The USS Arleigh Burke, the USS Alabama and the USS Chacellorsville. I’m also including the .schematic files for all the ships for individual use. Texture Pack : Minecraft Enhanced 64×64   

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