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Slender Forest

The Slender Man Legend or real fact? Welcome back everybody, today I’m proud to present you my latest build. The Slender Man I hope you’ll like it. THE STORY Known for some people, ignore by others… In February 1951, in the small town of Pendryl, in New Orleans, many people disappeared. Security was deployed to the maximum but many questions …

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Akumu | The Dream Consumer

  You are in the middle of nowhere, you just walked past a valley of blood hills. You haven’t encountered any living species around you. A strong iron scent exudes from the plants, like if they were pumping blood from the ground. There is a gateway in front of you, the orange coating of the rocks peels off and dissolves …

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The Last Breath

I’m really proud to present you my last map: The last breath. This map has been created to apply to LordBlock, a French builder community. This is my biggest project for now, it took me around 2 months to complete it. I really hope you will enjoy it! This map represent the last day of a greek civilisation. The style …

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Ausonforche Asylumn

Here is a creepy build by Kenofox. Today he built an asylum. In case you don’t know what an asylumn is here is a quick brief description “an institution offering shelter and support to people who are mentally ill“. Now that you know this watch the trailer above put together by EnderWorkbench. The interior is unfinished as the builder wanted …

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