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Minecraft Cinematic | German Palace | Sanssouci

EN: Hi, I hope you liked the Cinematic. The minecraft map is the Sanssouci Castle with a small part of the park. The building is locatated in Potsdam, Germany. For more information, there is a link to it`s wikipedia page below. Ps: Enjoy and remember to comment, rate and Subscibe! DE: Hi, ich hoffe das Cinematic hat euch gefallen. Bei …

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Tarsia | The Immortal Palace

Built by: AlkapuleCreation Hi everybody ! Today It is my pleasure to present my Deep academy application, a build made in 7 months, who has had some breaks. This build is reality 2 months of hard work. I hope you like it ! Enjoy :3 ———-Français———- Bonjour à tous ! Aujourd’hui j’ai l’honneur de vous présenter ma Deep academy application, …

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Futuristic Palace V2

English Hello, I’m proud to show you my new map : futuristic palace The size of the build is 300×300 Français Salut a tous, Aujourd’hui je vous présente une toute nouvelle map : futuristic palace Les dimensions du build sont de 300×300. TexturePack: onigiris/default Built by: _Killerack_

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Faberzhe Palace

Deep underneath the icy Baltic Sea, lies some of the most valuable treasure known to mankind. The finest creations of the legendary Faberge dynasty are held within an enormous fortress, towering from the seabed to the surface. Suitably Slavic architecture reflects the cultural context of the Faberge treasure, and the unmistakably Russian roots of these priceless gems Voluminous coral reefs form …

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Benedictine Palace | A Neo-Gothic palace

After two and a half months of active work, I am finally proud and able to show you my reproduction of the Benedictine Palace, situated in France, Normandie. Once again, this is my creation. Nobody except me placed a bloc on this project. This build is a mix between two different styles. Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance. These are two types of architecture that I …

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Floating Temple | By HistoryCraft

FRENCH Je suis Matthieu Admin de la communauté Créative d’HistoryCraft et voici ma Deep Academy Application. N’hésitez pas à dire ce que vous en pensez dans les commentaires et laisser un diamant si vous aimez. Je me tiens disponible sur le Teamspeak de la French Build Community ainsi que sur celui d’HistoryCraft pour toute information complémentaire ou autre. Un énorme merci …

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Elessar | The Forest Palace

The builder Bobely [EpiCube] Elessar, the forest palace.Build,terraforming and renders by Bobely89. (duck by Be_a_St, butterflies by Jojolapin18 and I ) map composed into : – a small “prehistorical type” village near to a giant Ent – an old city destroyed by a stone golem – a small elf type place -a mega build in a really fantasy style, terraformed roof …

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Aegea | Cielo

The builder: TheVoxelBox Protected by the natural walls of the mountain, travelers are rendered awestruck by the sheer size and power this building has. As they creep onto the stone dock, Cielo awaits them as its fountains endlessly flow, its walls filled with designs, and its pillars holding up not only the magnificent roof, but seemingly the mountain itself. Texture Pack: Palceon (The …

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Ceretien Palace

Ceretien Palace Minecraft castle

Ceretien Palace is a beautiful build by LickSquidSteel. The exterior is perfect and looks like any palace should. The builder didn’t have time to finish the interior so its all up you you! Lore: ~The Ceretien Palace was originally intended by its builders in 700 BCE to be a building of scientific inquiry, refuge, and study, however the rising Makaean Empire …

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Hughoriev Palace

Some words from the builder kenofox This is something I’ve made to pass my time, This was meant for me to experiment around with styles, but i ended up taking the most time building the garden, Oh silly me. This was built in about course of 2 days, total buildtime of probably 15hours. Anyways Important note: Interior is being worked on, …

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