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Medieval Playerhome

Hey guys and thanks¬†for checking out my project. This medieval house was supposed to be my player home on the Adrundaal-Server. It was a bit inspired by the Eldor Castle but turned out very different. As the city was the opinion that the house doesn’t fit to their concept, I decided to build a plot sized landscape around it and …

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The Casino

Hey there, fellow Minecrafters! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted the last build of this series (which was the Federal Palace), but now I’m back with the 3rd episode: The Casino!   Yes, it’s big. It’s grand, greatly oversized. In fact, that’s exactly what I wanted it to be like. Some may say that it’s unrealistic, exaggerated and …

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Ruined Colosseum / Spleef Arena

Some words from the builder: Voth Just something I made in my spare time. It’s not completely finished although some parts are meant to look broken since I meant for it to be partially ruined. If this hits 20 diamonds I’ll add a world download! — ADDED DOWNLOAD.Thank you for all the views! Also, it is based off of the …

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