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114 S Burton St.

A modern building built in IAS main city downtown. It is inspired from a building in Toronto, Canada. Please note the download is for the schematic file only. Additional Credits: Screenshots

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Alternative Offices

Alternative Offices are situated on Central Island in the ONO City. The building isn’t really based on anything, I was sort of fooling around with different shapes when it came into being. The building is fully interiorized: Offices (obviously) An elevated garden A car park Meeting rooms Windows(!!!) Other things that may find. I’m trying out the idea of having …

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City On A Cloud

In 2115, the “Sameness For Better Future” scheme was launched; Over 150 countries acceded to the agreement. As part of the master plan, every innovator, dreamer and scientist were banished from Planet Earth. However, they did not give up on hope yet. Instead, they started their own civilization and built the city of tomorrow on the clouds. One day, you …

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A Small Modern Office Building

Here is a small modern office building equipped with some offices, cubicles and a break room. Top floor includes executive offices with private bathrooms and a balcony in the corridor. This building is also up to date in fire code, including a stairwell plus along with an elevator. Parking is $5.00 an hour for regular employees, and executives have their …

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