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Tree Bundle | 370 Custom Trees

Here’s my tree repository. I’ve finished this a while ago but never published it although the interest for it on Twitter was quite was high (I just checked. It’s actually already one year ago). So finally, you get it. The screenshots by far don’t show everything that’s there to see, so be sure to check out the map yourself. For …

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Giant Fantasy Mushroom

I’ve been told, bigger is better so here it is! The biggest fantasy mushroom you will ever see! Adding houses and what not was really hard because of the size.  I tried some new stuff with this build and I think it came out nicely!  On the mushroom I have a couple houses a market square, a couple farms and …

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Mushroom Repository

In this repository there are mushrooms with 16 different stained clay colours and they come in 10 different object shapes per colour. The underside of all mushrooms are made out of mushroom blocks. These models are NOT advised for survival minecraft, but i’m not your parent, do whatever. I suggest these models to be used with the fantasy tree repository as they match …

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The Mushroom Mansion

Have you ever wondered where the master of mushrooms lived? Today I’ve made an attempt in recreating his home, it’s a mansion located on a strange island packed with huge mushrooms! 😉 If you like builds like this let me know by giving me a diamond, commenting or perhaps even favouriting! Built by: prof_artifex  

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The Ol’ Shroom Inn

Built by: SuiCia1_M0nKeY Hey guys! Thought i’d attempt something new and do a series of buildings with a fantasy theme for you to download and use for yourself/server whatever! I’ll post the buildings seperately with an individual download and then once completed I’ll upload a world with all the building together for easy access! Hope you like them! – Let me …

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Pollux | Mushroom World Build

From the builder: LordGuntaz This another older build from my last server, which I spent a couple months building on and off. It is a huge mushroom island with a kingdom built on it. There are many smaller houses on the ground and hanging from mushrooms, as well as a large palace. All of the mushroom stalks were built by hand …

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