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Chik-Took | 3K by 3K Map

Hayo all I’m back with another map. This map was a commission that I picked up that went a little sideways but the end result is still amazing. For this map, I used a much more varied and saturated color scheme from seeing some of limk’s crazy maps and cjrainbolts use of clays. I see soo many colors in cliffsides, …

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Castle On The Montain

Map réalisé pour le défi build de Aurelien_Sama . La map représente un chateau fantastique. Construit principalement par Spakstor, avec Kobalt, Nugus, xam74er1, Captaine_Poulet Arriverez vous as trouver la Chapelle de la sainte frite et son prêtre ? Ainsi que tout les easter-eggs présent dans la maps 🙂 (Château, complétement, aménagé) UK—————————————————————————————— Map builds for Aurelien_Sama Conteste. This fantastic caste …

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Aries | Landscape

Hello, i’m _Killerack_, i’m a french terraformer and i’m a BlockWorks and lordblock member. I’m proud to show you my new map “Aries”, I made the map worldmachine 3.75k – Terraforming : with worldmachine/worldpainter/voxelsniper TexturePack: onigiris/default Render: by Nati Darastlix Mrbatou(vaginou) Drayman Hebara and lauritamiau Additional Credits: Built by: _Killerack_ Screenshots

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The Lucia May Expanse | A New England Map

I used Worldmachine WorldPainter to make this map… The trees you see here are from my own custom tree pack! My tree pack for Conquest should be released to the public soon upon completion. Or I might release the incomplete version if I lose interest and fail to complete it. Either way, I’ll probably release something. Credit to Lemonfox’s Tree …

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Grandeena | Castle

This is Grandeena, the cliffside castle built on Pandoras Blocks solely by me. The build took a couple of weeks to complete and used parts from other scrapped builds that i built throughout my time on PB. This build is one of my most favorite builds and enjoyed building it! I want you to enjoy it as well! If you …

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Custom Biome Terrain Map | 4k x 4k + Survival

It’s been some time since I’ve posted here the last time and I sincerely apologize for that the reasons for my absence were partly the lack of time due to certain more or less unpleasant events which developed in real life. But in particular because of an extreme de-motivation when it comes to map making I actually worked on a …

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Tropical Sandstone Castle

Everyone wants a castle these days. I mean who doesn’t want to live on top of a mountain surrounded by big stones, gates, water, living in the clouds, and feeling like god! I mean that’s what it would feel like to me! Some words from the author MatsHeiberg: Hey hey, today I bring you a build I started like 9 …

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Rock Island – Realistic World

Here is an amazing world I must try out myself also! Look at all the possibilities, and those mountains! Still can’t beleive my eyes! Some words from the author JamziboyMinecraft: So i have spent the last week or so perfecting a way of quickly and easily producing the highest quality, most realistic maps possible – this has been my test …

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