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Stadtfelsen | A Medieval Castle

Here we are, our very first TIMELAPSE is out ! Stadtfelsen is a medieval town, fortified and lost between valleys and woods. The city is separated in two differents districts, poor and noble. All of theses, with a huge castle, and overhang on a infinite and fairly forest. Français —————– Nous y sommes, notre PREMIER TIMELAPSE est sorti ! Stadtfelsen …

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Abandoned Medieval Castle

Since my last attempt on building an abandoned castle was so successful and you guys really seemed to like it, I decided to give it another go. This time it’s a medieval castle located somewhere in Europe, surrounded protected from today’s civilization by a large spruce forest. The castle is surrounded by a river connected to a nearby lake. Just like …

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Cathedral of Keddis

My new project is an Assassin’s Creed Unity style cathedral using my style with it. It took me a little bit less then a month with interiors, walls around it, underground cemetery and a lot of details. The build is on my medieval map Kingdom of Galekin. You can download some 4k Renders too HERE Built by: linard

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Medieval Farm

The builder: ymer232 Hello , today I show you my new building , it’s my second medieval project : a farm so in this one I built a cowshed , a barn ,an house and some chiefs . I tried to find a new style and I hope that you will like it . Minecraft version : 1.7.5 Resource pack : …

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Medieval House on a Little Island

Medieval House on a little Island minecraft ideas 2

Some words from the builder Negrinho97 Hey Guys, I present you my little Medieval House on a little Island made by me! The Island is pretty small, but enough Place to build another House there. Enjoy! 🙂  

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Medieval Mansion

Some words from the builder oakley09 Hey allIt’s a rather big medieval mansion, completely furnished, pretty detailed and with a nice landscape which was created in WorldPainter. The house itself took quite long to build, since there is almost no possibility to use WorldEdit. So all the small details must be built by hand, and that what takes so long.In this …

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Medieval Bundle | Building Pack

Some words from the builder Lemon-Fox USAGE: You CAN use this buildings on your server (Credits appreciated) BUT please don’t reupload it on YouTube/anywhere on the Internet and claim it as yours! Thanks 🙂 There are a total of 11 buildings including: 3 different houses Watchtower Windmill Watermill Lumberjack shack Tavern Smith Church Bakery All buildings are completed with stairs, rooms and indoor decoration! IMPORTANT: This bundle was built with the Conquest Texturepack  so the buildings will look …

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Pigron Castle | Faction Base

Some words from the builder pigonge My first castle built with two of my close real life friends! This was originally built as a faction base so it has many small rooms, which you could explore to find different styles and varieties. The castle is fully furnished and there are few hidden rooms, Have fun exploring!

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The Isles of Alteria

Some words from the builder The Atlas Team This project is a project I(Andjuice512) have worked on the past 3 months. This is also an Angel Block Society app. I did everything myself, even the terraforming, as you could see its rather shitty x) The map includes: – A village with 25 houses. – A farmland with fields. – A …

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