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Hemwick Charnel Lane

Hello everybody ! I’m Remrem9962, I present you today the rest of Raven’s Wood Manoir … Last Project   ➔ History : Time passes and with him the Secret..Some place falls into oblivion .. Do you remember this building? It is said that in the years prior to the death of the Raven’s family, The town of Hemwick Charnel and …

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The Great Chicken Cathedral

Praise the Great Chicken. This is a fun little cathedral I started as a joke earlier this year and finally got around to finishing this month. I started off trying to model the cathedral-like the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Spain. But of course it was a huge undertaking and soon after the cathedral took on its own style. The …

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The Moszna Castle | A Gothic and Baroque

Inspired by the real “Zamek Moszna” situated in Poland, I quickly fell in love with the overall asymmetrical shape of this castle. And if that was not enough, this structure shares a few different styles. Some parts may be gothic when others may be baroque. The left side of the castle has more details as you can see. The right …

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Cathedral Vivaldi

Some words from the builder DivineMedicus So, this is my very first attempt at a Gothic Cathedral. I probably wont be releasing any projects until maybe after exams (IDK, considering that I don’t study for anything, I may just be writing music and teaching myself how to sing 🙂 ). This build is roughly 140 by 180. I named it after …

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