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Chik-Took | 3K by 3K Map

Hayo all I’m back with another map. This map was a commission that I picked up that went a little sideways but the end result is still amazing. For this map, I used a much more varied and saturated color scheme from seeing some of limk’s crazy maps and cjrainbolts use of clays. I see soo many colors in cliffsides, …

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Medieval Village

MAP BUILD BY Lead Builder: DRFTER Helper Builder: DrHecht affe481 Elevenith koin1 thepxl PixelFrax Corest CINEMATIC Paulipan RENDERS & GIFs affe481 Server IP HeroPixels.net Additional Credits: Built by: HeroPixels Screenshots

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The Lucia May Expanse | A New England Map

I used Worldmachine WorldPainter to make this map… The trees you see here are from my own custom tree pack! My tree pack for Conquest should be released to the public soon upon completion. Or I might release the incomplete version if I lose interest and fail to complete it. Either way, I’ll probably release something. Credit to Lemonfox’s Tree …

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Hiraen 2k x 2k Terrain

Here is a download that is for a open world or can be used for survival game play! This is a huge 2000×2000 beautiful terrain with tons of tall pine trees. You can use this for what you want but you must specify who has made this map (bidule995) Completion Time: 2hrs 55 mins Programs Used: World Painter World Machine …

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As Simple As It Gets

The 1.8 seed “simplicity” is a beautiful yet simple seed. You spawn right next to a village surrounded by simple biomes: a swamp, forest and field. Not only can you start off easy with the village, there are fantastic cave systems found right around the village.

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Elessar | The Forest Palace

The builder Bobely [EpiCube] Elessar, the forest palace.Build,terraforming and renders by Bobely89. (duck by Be_a_St, butterflies by Jojolapin18 and I ) map composed into : – a small “prehistorical type” village near to a giant Ent – an old city destroyed by a stone golem – a small elf type place -a mega build in a really fantasy style, terraformed roof …

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Forest of Enmor

Some words from the builder Phyria The Forest of Enmor is a small portion of a map made for Phyria, a new MMORPG Server. This is apart of a bottom area of a section of land. Half of which is the Forest of Enmor. (We will be constantly uploading more pictures to this project thread to update everyone on how the …

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