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Organic Dragon | Lost In The Frost

A medium sized build featuring a dragon with sails on its back and a castle . Fun little lore : “On the anniversary, he weeps.With cold remorse for his old master, the great dragon sheds a frozen tear in his memory.  Upon a lake of ice is his final resting place, and on the day he died, so many years …

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Sauzelor’s World by Bedporsche

I’m really proud to present you my latest map: Sauzelor’s World. I created it to apply to the community DeepAcademy. It’s my biggest project to date. I really hope you will enjoy this map! It’s a fantastic map, where everything can happen to you. First of all, read all the description please! And specifically the map specificity! Built by: Bedporsche …

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Divinity | Fantasy Castle

I would like to thank everyone in the building community for supporting me through an everlasting journey consisting of reign, terror, glory and vanity. Recently, I’ve found that being involved and commuting to the build community had doubtedy limited my potential in other subjects, and that if I were not to inform of my inactivity then I would disappear into …

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Niteal | The Lost Kingdom McBcon

Today we present to you Niteal,  a project which we have been working on for the past month and a half. It has been the work of our whole team and some others – helpers. This project was an attempt to create a detailed and interesting map which can also be used. This is our first build as a team …

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The Last Breath

I’m really proud to present you my last map: The last breath. This map has been created to apply to LordBlock, a French builder community. This is my biggest project for now, it took me around 2 months to complete it. I really hope you will enjoy it! This map represent the last day of a greek civilisation. The style …

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Akul Kala | Frozen Castle

I’m back with another fortress build, and to replace my Lagzau build that I am unable to put up for download so, I’m hoping this will replace it. I have kept a similar theme but with a different texture and environment. Encouraging destruction, off axis and blending organic styles in to the main structure which I am a big fan …

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Kingdom of Azerian | Oriental Capital

Built by Fischsuppe In January I started a small Egypt/oriental themed build after a slow and small start i decide to make it bigger, several months later i am finally able to release my ABS APP ! Lore The vicious battle came to an end in the relentless winds of the great Azerian desert. A moment of silence as the colossal …

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Ormir the Fearsome | Dragon

Some words from the builder Tober888 Hey there , I proudly present to you Ormir the Fearsome wyvern , showing off on a cliff. I hope you like this project !

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Frostbite – Dragons Nest Project

From the builder: N3xusMC FROST BITE – THE DRAGONS NEST Set in a dangerous freezing environment, The only way in to the Dragons Nest is by flight. This project took around a week it is complete for now but I will be adding more to it at another time. So for now there will not be a world download. You …

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