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Divinity | Fantasy Castle

I would like to thank everyone in the building community for supporting me through an everlasting journey consisting of reign, terror, glory and vanity. Recently, I’ve found that being involved and commuting to the build community had doubtedy limited my potential in other subjects, and that if I were not to inform of my inactivity then I would disappear into …

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Echoes From The Deep

Echoes from The Deep… A once prosperous civilization now fears for their lives, the Martens have heard rumors of tumult on the seabed, cyber pirates invading. An infamous threat that has been terrorizing the seas with a sweep of domination has finally come to its core. As the Martens are preparing for war and the ships of the Cyber Pirates …

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A Jaourney Through Hell

The builder¬†DivineMedicus I started building this approximately a month ago, when I experiences days of depression and sadness. Instead of mourning and complaining, I decided to spend the emotions on the arts. My music literature and visual arts is where I spent most of my time for the past two months or so. Nonetheless, I present to you this build, …

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