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Riverbend Medieval House

Following the crane tutorial from the other day, I said there would be a small map up for download within the next few days. Well… Here it is. It’s not a large scale map, but its a nice little cozy cottage you could almost say. Hopefully, I should have another chunk of Toland up for download by Thursday hopefully. Now …

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Peaceful Cherry Valley

I made a little map with the one and only Plutouthere ! Indeed he did all the gorgeous trees in the map especially the big one in the middle. And I did the terraforming and the little house in the tree. So yeah , here is a little modern/fantasy ( I guess?) map . It’s nothing too big but I …

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The Origin Lands: Zorilak of Dasgnir | 8K x 8K Custom Terrain

Today I present you the Origin Lands: Zorilak of dasgnir. The world is 8000 x 8000 blocks wide. It contains 3 continents and some more smaller islands. On these continents you will find a lot of different biomes, from taiga, over corrupted woods, swamp and a lot more to desert savanna and jungle. In the mountains there are huge custom …

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Mushroom Island Cathedral | Custom Terrain

Some words from the builder¬†CrankerMan A small cathedral thingy on an island with mushrooms (and normal trees). There’s also a small cave at the cliff side of the island. I made all this within 7 hours today. PS: Don’t exspect any interior. Because there is none. If you see any religious symbols at the building (like crucifixes): they aren’t meant …

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