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Cliff Mansion

Here is an amazing house build by Bambuspanda. There is some extreme exterior details with this build. See for yourself below in the screenshots. This would look epic as a floating island on someones world in my opinion.

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Ormir the Fearsome | Dragon

Some words from the builder Tober888 Hey there , I proudly present to you Ormir the Fearsome wyvern , showing off on a cliff. I hope you like this project !

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Modern Mansion – Cliff Side Escape

Some words from the builder Chumong and Varex This is a large modern house built by Cephyr members Chumong & Varex123. The house features 3 stories and comes complete with everything from a bathroom to an indoor pool.

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Rock Island – Realistic World

Here is an amazing world I must try out myself also! Look at all the possibilities, and those mountains! Still can’t beleive my eyes! Some words from the author JamziboyMinecraft: So i have spent the last week or so perfecting a way of quickly and easily producing the highest quality, most realistic maps possible – this has been my test …

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