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Christmas Build Pack

Who said Christmas was over? Not yet! Our winged team flew to you from a great and cooold country with a gift in their hands! (whoops, wings) It’s the new festive build pack! Feel free to download it and use it in your projects. Next year we’ll be sure to make more cool stuff! Merry Christmas and a Happy New …

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The Northern City

As the dawn of Christmas Eve approaches, Santa and his workers are more busy than ever. All the presents need to be finished for every little child in the world. Therefore over the years, the factory has developed into a town, and further into a city. Transportation started being developed, train stations were made for the workers, whom produced all the …

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Twisted Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas, when all though the web not a player was building, not even a dev. The houses were built by the builders with care in hopes that the players would soon be there. The tree in the center, glinted with glitter and the uploads were made to Facebook and Twitter. The tinsel was draped and the …

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Santa’s Outpost

In the blink of an eye the time to celebrate and make merry is upon us again, the time we find old Christmas knocking upon our front doors imploring us to bid him enter. A time as the old miser Scrooge once affectionately described as “find(ing) yourselves paying for bills without money; a time for finding yourself a year older …

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A Christmas ADVENTure 3 [2014]

Welcome to the official download for the “Christmas ADVENTure 3 [2014]”! This map follows the 31 days of December and was created for Inthelittlewood, SoTotallyToby, xIubez and MegaGwolf to play during the Christmas season. Now it is released to the public for everyone to play and enjoy!   This map is interactive. You must use the resource pack as provided in order …

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Santa’s Gingerbread Christmas City

A new time lapse and build from TheReawakens server, a Christmas Special. This time we have made the gingerbread city where the elf’s of Santa’s Christmas City lives. The city is filled with houses, a train station and the piece of the puzzle… Santa’s Workshop.And as it is Christmas and it is the time where everyone gives each other presents …

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Frosty the Snowman

The designer: _themineman23_ A quick fun project I said I was going to make in the sunfury competition world (I may have cheated and used 4 plots for it) Only took a few hours to make, thanks to _Gastrous_ for building the arms and helping me with it. Thanks to rene for the amazballs renders and for making the terrain.The sunfury …

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Minecraft in Winter | Animated Gifs

These beautiful animated gifs showing off the winter side of the game from MinecraftGifs! Don’t stare at one to long as you’ll be wishing you were by a fireplace and bam! Your asleep. Below you will find, winter valleys, frozen lakes, snowy huts and more! Enjoy                 Be sure to check out MinecraftGifs …

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