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10 Different Road Designs & Lots of Decorations

Hey there! This is a picture of 10 different road designs and decorations to accompany them that I did in Minecraft. If you are interested in seeing them in detail and how to build them yourself please check out the video: by: heysofia

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The Red Castle | Le Château Rouge

The Red Castle This caslte was no longer on my PMC. I decided to upload it again for you. It is a castle totally invented by myself and it is fully furnished. There are a schematic and a world save. Feel free to download and to use it ! If you like the build, please comment, diamond and suscribe 😉 …

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The Complete ChunkWorld | 55 Buildings

McNoodle has another amazing set of designs! If you didn’t know hes also the creator of World-Of-Walls. Here hes created 55 buildings. Anything from Asian style to your standard brick farm house. Take a look: A complete collection of screenshots: The Complete ChunkWorld

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Schelfkirche | Local Church

The builder Mezaka I just found this build of a local church on my PC… I once decided to rebuild it, because i think it has a really interesting roof. (Download includes the church and one tree)So yeah… enjoy 😉

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