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Minecraft Windows 10 Anniversary Coaster

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Minecraft Win10 Edition, we’ve created this little roller coaster which you can download and play for yourself. Find out more information about the update here, and go check out Minecraft Win10 Edition! Video: From the Mojang Blog Happy OS-specific birthday to us! Today is the anniversary of Minecraft’s arrival on Windows 10. It’s …

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Climate Hope City

Climate Hope City by BlockWorks, Adam Clarke and Dragnoz This Minecraft city was created as part of the Guardian’s Keep it in the Ground campaign. Parts of it may look unusual, but it is not meant as a pie-in-the-sky vision of the future. All of the features you will see are either already in place in cities around the world or exist …

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Built by the BlockWorks Team Commissioned by Disney, this is our Minecraft version of the fantastical futuristic city from the film, Tomorrowland. The city of Tomorrowland is a Utopian vision of a beautiful, futuristic city – built and lived in by the world’s greatest minds. A place where anything is possible, Tomorrowland is an urban dreamworld of epic proportions. Huge thanks …

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