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Prometheus Deluxe

Prometheus Deluxe was one of the bigger known hotel establishments in Rapture run and owned by Augustus Sinclair. It was used by upper class guests as it was situated in the better area of Rapture. After the break out of the Civil War is was used as a shelter for refugees. It didn’t receive any serious damage during the war. Developer: Fontaine Futuristics and Ryan Industries …

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Fontaines Department Store | Bioshock

Fontaine’s Department Store was one of the largest known retail establishments in Rapture run and owned by Frank Fontaine. It was used to showcase products from his various businesses. The central building, the Department Store, sold customers items of clothing while offering residents recreational areas like Rapture on Ice, an artificial ice skating rink. The store is connected to the two other buildings floating at its side …

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Floating City of Cielo

This is one of those rare projects where the builders decided to not use any texture packs. After seeing 1000’s of builds its nice to see one that doesn’t require another texture pack download.  Don’t get me wrong, texture packs do make some of the builds look amazing! Anyways check out the video and more screenshots below on this beauty! …

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Bioshock – Rapture

It’s just crazy what Minecraft communities can accomplish! Hungercraft.net has recreated BioShock’s underwater city of Rapture. Not only did they rebuild the city, they took every detail from the opening footage and recreated the intro.

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