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Special Effect | Wonderland

We were approached to create a Relay Race track for an event that was hosted on the 27th of August by Sqaishey, NettyPlays and SpecialEffect at Insomnia 58! We were extremely excited to be a part of such an amazing event to help raise awareness to what the guys over at SpecialEffect do. We want to thank Dragnoz for giving …

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Wayward Wonders | Fight bosses in the Wonders of the World!

Built by an amazing builder: m0ndy THE MAP Wayward Wonders is an open world “Complete the Monument” map with elements of both survival and adventure. The player(s) must explore the land to defeat the evil bosses that have taken over the Wonders of the world. THE MONUMENTS There are two monuments: The Adventure Monument (12 blocks) and the Wool Monument …

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Cops and Robbers 4: High Security

Here is a mini game in which there are prisoners and you try to escape the jail. The build features multiple ways to escape such as running water holes, tunnels and more! With this game play you will need multiple buddies to play with as this is not a single player game. Version 4.4: High Security The biggest thing since …

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Elite Pixelmon Island

Some words from the builder Flamedek Here it is! The official Pixelmon Island map! This is the map that some of the biggest pixelmon YouTubers do their Pixelmon Island series on. Now you can relive their epic adventures for yourself! If you plan on playing on this map or just enjoy what you see let me know by leaving a Diamond! This …

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