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Missile Wars Mini Game for 1.8.1

The builders:¬†SethBling & Cubehamster Missile Wars is a vanilla Minecraft mini-game where you launch missiles to destroy your opponent’s portal, while defending your own! Launch missiles by right clicking on the ground with missile eggs to launch missiles to the opponents portal and shield. Use any means to destroy incoming missiles. A combination of: Slimeblock Flying Machine, TNT Explosions, Parkour, …

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Block IDs

Looking for the number that corresponds with the item your looking for in Minecraft? Here are all the IDs you should need.   give <playername> <item> [amount] [metadata] [dataTag] /give Fiala06 1 64 This would give player Fiala 64 stones. Edit: Be sure to check out our new item id finder with a live search! Minecraft IDs for 1.8 / …

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