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Sphax PureBDCraft Resource Pack

Sphax PureBDCraft Resource Pack is an amazing texture pack. If you love the comic book feel you are in the right place. Being such a popular pack and 100% complete you can feel confident using this one or more mods as there are well over 100 patches available at bdcraft’s website.

One nice thing about this pack is it was created using vector based images. This means you can scale it automatically to any resolution and it will look beautiful no matter the size unlike most packs were are only 1 or 2 resolutions. Don’t forget the higher the resolution you chose the lower the performance you may notice in game depending on your computer resources available.

Addons are also avialable to download. Below is a complete list:

  • 3D Blocks
  • 3D Items
  • Technology
  • Damaged items

Issues? Try these fixes:

I have a fire, portal or weird things in the upper right corner of some blocks?

Don’t forget to patch with MCPatcher or to install Optifine!

I get a black screen or some textures looks weird... What should I do?

Be sure to install the texture pack correctly and don’t forget to patch with MCPatcher or to install Optifine!



Additional Credits:
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