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Spacia City

Spacia V3 was started around a year ago, succeeding V2. V3 is fundamentally different to V2 in every way possible. Let me run through what’s changed:

– The entire map!
– New statues/monuments
– Lots of apartment buildings
– Office buildings
– Hospitals
– Car parks
– Supermarkets
– Hotels
– New roads (designed to look more realistic)
– Schools
– Sporting centres
– Pools
– Wide boulevards
– Beautiful brutalist buildings
– Science centres

… and that is just to name a few things!

The map is thousands of blocks long, but you’re never away from a building!

I am proud to be releasing this map after all this hard work, and we’re just getting started. I want to continue developing the map even more and making refinements to it that help improve the experience.

Download and see the map that I have created today! One of the Largest City Maps in Minecraft!

Additional Credits: Built by: Techius


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