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Small New Apartment Complex | Santa Fornia

This is brand new and still developing small residential site in our new city, Santa Fornia. This small area includes many different houses, each mostly different but with minor changes. Some of the house plots are still in development or still being cleared.

The main avenue connecting the residential are and the commercial will eventually be intersecting the highway to the city. The area does feature some shops and other commercial area planned for the future on the other side of the main street.

There are plans to add a large school in the middle of the residential area and some commerce merchants have plans for buying most of the land for commercial purposes.

Texturepack Used: LEG Modern

Shaders Used: SEUS (Lite)

Shaders Used: Sildur’s Shaders (Also Lite)

All images above are in-game screenshots!

Additional Credits: Built by: League Elite Builds


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