[Quiz] How Well Do You Know Minecrafts History?

Test yourself with these 11 trivial Minecraft facts! Lets see how much you really know. These are fun facts about the history and current game. You will find some of these shocking!

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  1. btw from that when you think endermans are relaxin monsters and arent really so evil like ‘whats up?’ and enderman was inspired form slender man BTW this one fact is really importnt in enderman and cool cat: Enderman is actually friendly and cool guy/monster however it gets angry and cant control itlsef when you look at it to face… Have you heard that before? Yeah its from SCP-096 character scp 096 cant contorl itself if its looked can this mean endermans are friendly? When you touch it i doesnt hurt you if you dint look it to face.

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