Quartz Tower #8

The structure is made of mostly quartz, cyan clay, and blue glass.
Sea lanterns for lighting.
Interior include complete ground floor and top section.
The full structure consists of two connected towers and extended ground floor.
This building has almost no curvatures unlike any of my other buildings so far.

Height: 175
Floors: 23
Building Area:
– Base: ~5162
– East Tower: various
– West Tower: 806

Texture: Default

Additional Credits: Built by: X8279531640


quartz-tower-8-skyscraper-minecraft-build-2 quartz-tower-8-skyscraper-minecraft-build-3 quartz-tower-8-skyscraper-minecraft-build-6 quartz-tower-8-skyscraper-minecraft-build-7 quartz-tower-8-skyscraper-minecraft-build-8 quartz-tower-8-skyscraper-minecraft-build-9
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