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Playlist Theme Park

Welcome to Playlist Park.
We are like the go-to place to just like chill like, we are like, so excited to have you join our endlessly awesome party. We have a DJ booth and the DJ is like, so fire oh my gosh. We also have this dope ride that goes like, fast. Like, its like, zoom. Like fast. Imagine you are going slow, and now imagine you are going fast. Its like that. We also have a really really big wheel thing. What’s it called again? IDK I’ll tell you later. But its like big and round. It plays music I guess, so that’s like really dope. There’s also this balloon thing that like flies over you and stuff. Its like, so cool. For all the ladies looking for some cute boys, we have like, a beach called 808 beach, and its got like cute boys. And like its a beach so like that’s really c000000l. Like, FERRIS WHEEL! Oh my G that is like what its called haha. We also have this cool water park thing, so like you can totally take a swim while listening to some fire mixtapes without even needing like, a water proof case or anything. And the rides are all like really fun so you should totally like, ride them all. Anyway like come to our park cuz its like really fun and dope and we don’t like play old people music.

Additional Credits: Built by: Shapescape


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