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Chik-Took | 3K by 3K Map

Hayo all I’m back with another map. This map was a commission that I picked up that went a little sideways but the end result is still amazing. For this map, I used a much more varied and saturated color scheme from seeing some of limk’s crazy maps and cjrainbolts use of clays. I see soo many colors in cliffsides, …

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Red-Pearls | The meet up of the orient and occident

Hey, guys! today, I present you this project I made to represent an idea/concept I had a long time ago. I had much fun in doing this and I hope you will enjoy!! 🙂 So as you can see the goal of this project was to mix a gothic style with the piks and the towers and the oriental culture, …

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Villa Gallo-Romaine Andilly en Bassigny

Hello, today I present this reenactment project. A Gallo-Roman villa that existed 2000 years ago. This villa was found in France. Through Minecraft, my friend RedNeox and I have been traveling through the centuries to show you what this villa might look like. You can, of course, use this map by crediting us of course. For the francophone, do not …

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Chicago Federal Building | c. 1905-1965 | Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Federal Building | c. 1905-1965 | Chicago Illinois The Chicago Federal Building, once heralding one of the nation’s largest dome structures, was demolished in 1965 to be replaced by the Kluczynski Federal Building. This is a 1:1 scale replica of the building in it’s former glory. Some History and Information on the building: The Chicago Federal Building was constructed …

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Knarvik Church | Modern

Knarvik Church is a parish church in Lindås municipality in Hordaland county, Norway. It is located in the village of Knarvik. The church is part of the Alversund parish in the Nordhordland deanery in the Diocese of Bjørgvin. The modern-style wooden church was consecrated the 30th of November 2014. Additional Credits: Built by: GNwork Screenshots

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