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Misty Castle

This is our submission for a building contest organized by french Youtuber Aurelien_Sama Made with <3 by the building team of the community server Additional Credits: Built by: Historycraft Screenshots

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Tennis Court

Minecraft how to make a tennis court xbox one Welcome back to Minecraft. Maybe our citizens need some exercise every now they already have a park to relax in. So let build them a Tennis Court ►Texture pack: Default ► Initial Design by: Jamiegames250 If you have any idea’s about buildings or vehicles or anything else that might be found …

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Zingopolis City | Minecraft

Hi and welcome to this amazing build of a realistic city in Minecraft. This world was worked on by me in my free-time, and it is not complete. Even though it is not complete there is much to be explored and this world is a great source of inspiration. There is a chance I will work on this world again, …

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Castle On The Montain

Map réalisé pour le défi build de Aurelien_Sama . La map représente un chateau fantastique. Construit principalement par Spakstor, avec Kobalt, Nugus, xam74er1, Captaine_Poulet Arriverez vous as trouver la Chapelle de la sainte frite et son prêtre ? Ainsi que tout les easter-eggs présent dans la maps 🙂 (Château, complétement, aménagé) UK—————————————————————————————— Map builds for Aurelien_Sama Conteste. This fantastic caste …

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Project Collateral | Yacht

For this yacht, I decided to upsize things a little bit! This yacht is 180 blocks long. I have only completed the exterior at the moment. I will touch up the deck furniture later on and eventually add an interior, but this will definitely take a while. If anyone would like to help, then please PM me, as I really …

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