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Find The Pieces Adventure Map

Find The Pieces This is the third part of Captain’s musical Trilogy. Find The Pieces Story: It is about a prince that had a small vision while he’s sleeping about his past. About his father and his kingdom. As he remembered these things. He tried to find more clues to know more about his past. He had alot of obstacles …

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Fallen Kingdom Adventure Map

Fallen Kingdom This is the first part of Captain’s musical Trilogy. The fallen Kingdom. Story: It is about a king and his kingdom. The kingdom was peaceful and was led by a great king. Until Herobrine let the mob prisoners escape to wreck havoc in the kingdom. Just to get his hands on the portal to dominate the world. The …

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Gravity Falls Recreation

Gravity Falls About : -Contains a few easter eggs and redstone construction -An accurate build of the gravity falls map -Gravity Falls intro animation (Needs a very good computer, quite buggy, requires Gravity falls texture pack) -Intro works only for 1.8-1.8.6. But the map can work at 1.8-1.10 -Took 5 days to build -Each and every building is designed both …

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Slender Forest

The Slender Man Legend or real fact? Welcome back everybody, today I’m proud to present you my latest build. The Slender Man I hope you’ll like it. THE STORY Known for some people, ignore by others… In February 1951, in the small town of Pendryl, in New Orleans, many people disappeared. Security was deployed to the maximum but many questions …

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Nike Arena | Stadium

So, this one took me way more than I thought it would. About me My name is Liav, I’m 20, and I’m currently doing my mandatory service at the IDF, Israel. I started playing Minecraft when I was about 13, and it kinda turned into a hobby of mine, I’m also a musician and I have a band called Another …

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