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Pixar’s Up House

This is a beauty from a movie everyone loves! Up! Check it out below. From Heyaroo (builder) Hey everyone this is a remake of the Up house in the movie Disney Pixar’s Up. The house is almost identical to the original one but it was difficult to make the interior look exactly the same. I also made a mini Paradise Falls …

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Steampunk Style Map

This pack has been designed so anyone out there in the minecraft community can use it for whatever purpose they like. We are not demanding credit, you can if you wish but it is not mandatory. This is Gazamo’s second map pack done in a Light Industrial Steampunk style. It is comprised of all the pieces you would need to …

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Sliding Door

As a result of our first twitter follower after launching our twitter I decided to check out their stuff! Found something I felt needed to shared with you guys! An automated redstone sliding glass door! (or what ever other material you want to use) Video tutorial below. Thanks CraftMine98!

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RuinCraft – Hunger Games Survival

This is the RuinCraft Hunger Games Map. In RuinCraft are, as the name already says, ruins. The map is for 24 players and it’s recommended to disable monster. I hope you like it 😀   Website:   Map made by: H3r0br1n30, fifaforever, Ente1999, Desert_Fire, Lars99s  

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Floating City of Cielo

This is one of those rare projects where the builders decided to not use any texture packs. After seeing 1000’s of builds its nice to see one that doesn’t require another texture pack download.  Don’t get me wrong, texture packs do make some of the builds look amazing! Anyways check out the video and more screenshots below on this beauty! …

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