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Aloris Cathedral

Built by Cephyr Hey , we are back with another project this time a cathedral modeled on the one in Salisbury in England. The build took about a day to build and we included a small timelapse as well ! Unfortunately we didn’t get round to finishing the interior but we hope you guys enjoy it.  

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Ravals Vale Dragon

From the author alecdent: Something I made on a server Zortron invited me to. I’m not actually sure what it is, just resulted from a days worth of boredom.. xD I haven’t posted anything in a while, and though this isn’t that great I decided to just to fill the gap. Raval is the owl/dragon/snake creature that flies around the …

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Pixar’s Up House

This is a beauty from a movie everyone loves! Up! Check it out below. From Heyaroo (builder) Hey everyone this is a remake of the Up house in the movie Disney Pixar’s Up. The house is almost identical to the original one but it was difficult to make the interior look exactly the same. I also made a mini Paradise Falls …

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Steampunk Style Map

This pack has been designed so anyone out there in the minecraft community can use it for whatever purpose they like. We are not demanding credit, you can if you wish but it is not mandatory. This is Gazamo’s second map pack done in a Light Industrial Steampunk style. It is comprised of all the pieces you would need to …

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