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Winter Palace | Hermitage

A Little History: It was designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli for Empress Elisabeth in the Baroque style. The whole complex is situated on the banks of the Neva River in  St Petersburg. The Palace is modeled on the French Palace of Versailles. As the first resident in it the Empress Catherine the great. Created by Mutereu Powered by XANT Additional Credits: …

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Shadows over Midway

Alternate history, 1946 After several years of decisive action in the Pacific Theater, the high command of the Imperial Japanese Navy encountered severe problems with their supply chains. Their lines overstretched from New Zealand in the South to the Alaskan coast, it became nearly impossible to ferry adequate amounts of food, ammunition, and repair parts to the front lines. Consequently, …

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Swamp Houses Building Bundle

Little bundle for all creators. Feel free to use this map/buildpack on your own sever public or private & buildings without asking us for permission. Additional Credits: Built by: _PAV_ Screenshots

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Minecraft Cinematic | Fantasy Castle | Tantal

Hi, I hope you liked the Cinematic. The Minecraft Map contains a fantasy castle with a small park and a pavilion. DE: Hi, ich hoffe das Cinematic hat euch gefallen. bei der Minecraft Map handelt es sich um ein Fantasyschloss mit eier kleiner Parkanlage und einem Pavilion. Additional Credits: Built by: SKULLUKS Screenshots

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Oak Tree Pack

Pretty simple 24 tree/bush pack I made a long while back that was just lying around so I thought I’d put it out for you guys to use. The first schematic “Tree_1” starts with the smallest objects and ends with the largest, “Tree_24” Schematics are Case and Character sensitive Give credit where its due. That’s it. Additional Credits: Built By: Plutouthere …

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