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The Inner City| A Recreation of The 1893 Chicago World’s Fair

This project is a recreation of the Chicago World’s Fair/Columbian Exposition that was held as a celebration to honor Columbus’ voyage. I began this project in December of 2016 and after 2-month break I completed it. I’ve recreated the Grand Basin along with the Court of Honor and South Basin. This project will be available to see in game at …

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Symmetry Park

Symmetry Park Minecraft: How to make Symmetry Park xbox one [tutorial] Every city needs a place where people can just hangout and relax. So after we made some awesome vehicles and Houses i think its time to make a park and not just any park but a perfect Symmetry park ►Texture pack: Default Initial Design by: Jamiegames250 Additional Credits: Screenshots

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The Insurrection

Lore: The city of Libidine was once a jovial and harmonious community. They prospered under the Atman, a love and peace that binds all living creatures together in unity. Seeking to further their knowledge of the Atman, they raised uo priests, of which, Petrus was the most admired. However, one day, Petrus was caught visiting dark temples and could no …

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Corte Madera | City

Corte Madera, a city known for its countless conflicts and tribulation is under the control of a fierce and notorious man whose name is never to be spoken of. The place is overcrowded and there seems to be no tranquillity anywhere. With revolts rising, the government struggles to maintain its cities. Living conditions are at their lowest and people’s wallets …

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Minecraft Cinematic | Haunted Mansion | The Storm cliff

EN: —————— Hi, The map contains a Haunted Mansion, on a flying island. The building is built in steampunk style. Construction time approx. 7 hour. Ps: Enjoy and remember to comment, rate and Subscibe! DE: ————– Hi, Die Map enthält eine verlassenes Anwesen, auf einer Fliegenden Insel.Das Gebäude ist im Steampunk Stil gebaut. Bauzeit ca. 7 Stunde. PS. Wenn dir …

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