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District 127 – Memory Of The Aashes

Hi guys. Now, it’s time to go outside of my comfort zone. I stop to build trees and medieval stuff, now I go somewhere else, in a far far away galaxy…. District 127 – Memory of the ashes – ENGLISH : The project : This big project is my first Science fiction build. Size of the landscape : 2500×3500 size …

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Coruscant | Star Wars

Coruscant from the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, recreated to a 1:1 scale. Includes: Senate Building (full interior) Steel Superstructure Landscape Skyscrapers (Interiors are WIP) This map was not program generated: My old Coruscant map with the circle was program generated. I have custom greeblng that I created ON MY OWN. Program generated content would not use a variety of blocks …

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RMS Mauretania (2017)

History: RMS Mauretania was an ocean liner designed by Leonard Peskett and built by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson for the British Cunard Line, and launched on the afternoon of 20 September 1906. She was the world’s largest ship until the completion of RMS Olympic in 1911 as well as the fastest until Bremen‘s maiden voyage in 1929. Mauretania becfavoriteourite …

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Arabian Village

This is my first project in a long line which are to be themed mostly around arid/lush environments, specifically those located in the Mediterranean and the Middle-East. This build uses the BiomesoPlenty, Dark Roleplay, Chisel and Decocraft mods which are linked below. To install these simply follow each mods manual instructions; or create a new instance on the curse launcher …

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Inspired | Modern House

This was inspired by a house/some houses I saw on TV.  Sorry about the painting in the window, you may be able to spot the back of it through the glass. It might look a bit weird sorry. Additional Credits: Built by: benkavin Screenshots

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