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NewRise | The Factory Of Dream

After nearly 3 years of building, we are proud to release our last map: NewRise Factory of Dreams. We’ve decided to drop the mic and we’ll probably never build anymore, but …who knows, maybe we’ll be back after some months? For the moment, we’ll keep NewRise as a team of friends.

We’d like to thanks, everybody that we met thanks to this game and everybody who supported us or shared our creations.

Un petit mot pour la commu française :
Merci d’avoir été là, on a souvent été en conflit mais ça aurait été 100 fois moins marrant sans vous, changez rien.
PS : prenez pas la confiance parcequ’on est plus là, on vous prend en Y quand vous voulez.

Great thanks to all the member of NewRise, they are amazing, and we can’t remember all the good times we spent together.
MrLasagne and L4ps, founders of the team, they created a monster
Anivian, el caïdo, the best French builder
Mrporteenbois, the king in the north, he married his sister
Syne, LMDP forever
Iskillia, he came lile a tchoin, left like a legend
Big up to all who left us too early, RIP Idaayzn, Annorit, Matthieu_, Unquid, SmokerMS

Additional Credits: Built by: Team NewRise


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