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Some words from the builder InMineCreations

InMineCreations Medieval Fantasy BuildPack – the result of months of work and cooperative creative.
26 unique buildings represented as schematics, huge map with 800×800 size, many styles and shapes. All this structures you can use in whatever your purposes.
Thank`s for your attention.
We hope that this project will be a great gift for you in this New Year. We wish you all the best and creativity.
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List of buildings
Small house 1
Small house 2
Medium house
Big house 1
Big house 2
Bounty hunter house
Carpenter house
Town hall
Red corporation factory
Mage Tower
Siege camp
Windmill 1
Windmill 2
Coal mine
Iron mine
Gold mine
Lumber mill
Attention! You must using this schematics below with with highly caution!
  • m-coal-mine.schematic
  • m-iron-mine.schematic
  • m-gold-mine.schematic
  • m-lumber-mill.schematic
Their sizes exceed several million blocks because schematics includes buildings and unique landscape.
Use WorldEdit command: //paste -a  this will minimize the crushes your server.

This project is intended for personal use.
You’re allowed to use any parts of it on your own server to creating new maps or looking for inspiration.
You may put online your projects containing these parts of the map and buildings once it has following links in the discription to our profile: and the web site:
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