Mail Box | City Detail

If your looking for some detail for your city here is a simple yet necessary for all! The mail box! Its very easy to over look for any house or town, but we honestly would’t function as well without them!

What You Need:

  • Blue Stained Clay
  • Sign
  • Item Frame
  • Paper
  • Light Gray Carpet

How To:

  1. Stack 2 pieces of clay
  2. Put a item frame at the bottom where you want the “envelopes” to go into.
  3. Add a light gray carpet to it and right click to rotate the position.
  4. Add the mail logos on the left and right by placing an item frame with a piece of paper inside.
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I just made a functional one out of a fence with a chest on top.


Do the item frames and sign in the exact same position but use your fence/chest idea and it will be decorative and functional


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