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Were currently in need of:

  • Authors and Contributors
    • Articles can be of your choice (Minecraft Related)
    • No minimum / maximum post limits
    • Great way to get your name out there and show off your builds
      • Can be a good way to advertise your servers also
    • Video Tutorials and Overviews are needed
  • Community Outreach

If any of the position’s seek your interest please use the contact page and let us know. Example of your work, past/current communities, profile URLs, etc are great to include! Why should we choose you?

Get in touch with us today:  https://minecraftbuildinginc.com/contact/



  1. the how to i watch tons of youtube videos and i can post daily probably as an author or whatever and yeah i myself make youtube videos very low low fame though kind of new but i could advertise alot and i use this place a lot so yeah i like working with the community and thanks for your time and making this website

  2. Hey,
    I’ve had lots of experience with computers, and, although I’m only 13 years old, I’ve won awards for my work. I make and publish websites, and I’m going to make a business out of it. But that’s besides the point. My point is that, despite my age, I think I have a fairly high level of intellect, and a large enough vocabulary to keep readers interested. I’d be open to the idea of being an author for this website, but I can’t say when I’ll be able to come on. It should be almost every day, but this won’t be completely reliable. If you give me a due date, I’ll definitely have the assignment done by then. I’d love to help out here, and I’ll do all that I can to promote this website.

  3. Hey I’d happily do the job as an author I’m only 10 and I have very good spelling skills so that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m good on computers I’ve also got good vocabulary and wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity I’ve always been turned down in the past because of my age but iv’e got an amazing potential so please do not turn me down like the rest.

    -Yours sincerely

  4. I wouldn’t mind helping. I was a Dev on a mc server and a still staff on community. I am good with building/ and I could keep up with forums. We have a WIP wordpress for our small server aswell.

  5. I would like to contribute to this page ūüôā It shows real promise! I am an experienced minecraft player and I like to build medieval style. I am currently working on a medieval Island which is coming together real nice ūüôā I can submit my build ideas and templates for building them (y)


  6. hello i want to be a staff . what age is needed??? im addicted in minecraft computer and minecraft pocket edition please :)))) i am not a criminal………. MinecraftBuildingINC RoCkSS!!! so please add me

  7. andd……. iwill promote this page by sharing it on YouTube like sharing minecraft movies …,, minecraft buildings,,,,minecraft resources,,, MCMODS Skin Downloads and that this page is sooo awsome and all that i will post in youtube With signs like Minecraft buildings Download (NoVirusses,NoScam/Password/Survey) Totally FREE!!! in Description Please Visit this page minecraftbuildinginc.com and help us to grow this community , the download page : minecraftbuildinginc.com/buildings etcc please add me to help to grow this community also in facebook i will share this community to help us to grow the community -Thanks From Job (McName:specterM03) i’d like to help to grow this community (Not a Joke)

  8. Hello, I would really appreciate a opportunity to work with you. I am a young gamer and designer who would be able to contribute some sleek designs of houses, mansions, any building you would need. I also am very good at making houses or objects just from seeing a picture. I play minecraft on my pc and i also can play it on a xbox 360. Thank you

  9. I would suggest some mods for the building types mods bescause they forgot those
    – project red (more compact redstone system)
    Рworld edit single player ( we all know why saves lots of time) 
    – custom npc mod ( explains itself)
    I hope this will be add soon

  10. Minecraft Building Inc  i want a job for finding severs that need thing built i have xbox 360 minecraft (no XBOX LIVE) and computer also pocket.     i will be able to in about a month aslo i need  to know  what age i need to be im kinda young :/

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