Kingdom of Cial | Server Spawn

The builder: Antroz59


Hey guys,

I know I have been inactive for a while already and I apologize for that. A lot of stuff have been going on since the creation of my YouTube channel and I did not really have the time to post on PMC.

BUT, I am back today with that big a** town/village/port in construction. From the top of my head, I have been working on this map for about a month or two (right after my first castle from Tales of Vydraath) and I am not quite done yet. I still have 60% of the interior to complete and a few details to add. I am still really proud of the result so here is why I am posting it now.

The map is a server spawn at the moment( my server spawn) so there is the reason why you guys can’t download it (and I apologize for that) BUT, you are free to visit the server (I highly recommend using Conquest Texturepack though)

Kingdom of Cial A server spawn download minecraft building ideas


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