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How to make Fireworks in Minecraft 1.6.2!


We are happy to bring you another tutorial this time created by Kinsi55.
Have you ever wanted to make fireworks and didn’t even know where to start? Hope this little information below helps you with it.
This fireworks were made for the Minecraft version 1.6.2. So not completely sure if it will work on any other or future versions but guess the only way to find out is trying.


Fireworks are unfortunately a tad difficult to craft and get used to but the author has put together a really well detailed video with all the steps you have to follow. If you do follow every single one, we have no doubt you will achieve amazing result.s

Quick update: This tutorial has been tested by several users on Minecraft 1.4.6 and version 1.6.7 successfully. We assume it should work in the future too.

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