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How to make Fireworks in Minecraft 1.6.2!

Welcome Ladies and Gentleblocks to another tutorial. As most of you know, I’m very busy with other projects at the moment in terms of exams, socializing as well as my YouTube videos and Site Moderation. Sadly, this means that I’m unable to blog as frequently or at least in not as much depth as I usually do and for that, I apologize. Fear not, I have some nice little blogs in the works that’ll give you a bit of encouragement for your own projects.
I do however have time to concoct up a little tutorial blog for you guys, this time on how to make Fireworks in the latest Minecraft version 1.6.2.
Thanks for an outstanding milestone of 65,000 views on this blog guys. This is by far one of my greatest accomplishments and I’m glad so many people appreciate the blog. It is now also the 3rd most popular blog ever on Planet Minecraft which is a stunning though, so thank you for that also.


Fireworks are unfortunately a tad difficult to craft and get used to.
A Basic Firework-
A Customised Firework-

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope I’ve shown you how to make these amazing fireworks. Keep in mind that sounds for these are now implemented in Minecraft 1.4.6 and have been passed through into 1.6.7 and future updates.

Fireworks can now catch on fire when passed through lava! You can therefore make flaming fireworks. Credit Kinsi55
via Planet Minecraft user OliverFrenchie
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