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How To Make A Saddle And Saddle A Horse In Minecraft

If you’re seeking a speedier mode of transportation in Minecraft, the Minecraft saddle is the finest option.

It is an important Minecraft equipment that will assist you in riding creatures.

Minecraft saddles not only make travelling easier, but they also assist you to get to your target quickly.

How Do You Go About Making A Saddle?

Unfortunately, you will be disappointed to learn that Minecraft saddles are not craftable. Finding a Minecraft saddle is the only way to obtain one.

Use the methods listed below to locate it fast and easily:

Fishing For One

This lucky approach has a few moving parts. You may go fishing and wait for your popper to dive into a body of water by casting your fishing line into the water.

Double online when you see the popper vanish to see what has been captured.

There’s a possibility you’ll obtain a saddle if you go fishing, but there are lots of other items to plunder as well.

You’ll need to be patient and persevere.


If you can find a hamlet with a master-level leatherworker, you can probably get a saddle in exchange for emeralds.

Searching Boxes Within Castle Votes

Any Nether Fortes stronghold has a chance to have a saddle, like the Dungeon approach.

You must first login through the Nether Portal, or make one if you don’t already have one, and then look for a castle.

These structures are impossible to miss since they protrude from the bottom like a painful thumb. In the Netherlands, it must resemble a massive castle.

Go inside and start hunting for boxes after you’ve found one.

If you’re lucky, a saddle will be waiting for you inside a box.

Support Drops

When you kill a mob that is wearing a saddle, it may drop the saddle.

Minecraft saddle screenshot

How Do You Put A Saddle On A Horse In Minecraft?

Horses don’t require food to tame, to use the saddle on a horse, find it (the horse) and follow the procedures below:

  1. Take the saddle to the animal you wish to use it on (in this case, the horse).
  2. Now try climbing on it with your empty hands. (At first, the horse would not let you sit; but, after some time, it will allow you to climb).
  3. After that, have a look at the inventory (make sure that you have found the saddle and you have that in inventory).
  4. Now, on the top-left corner of the inventory pop-up window, you’ll find various boxes, and you must place your saddle in the higher box.
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