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How To Care For Your Pet Wolf/Wolves

Here is a great little tutorial on the proper care of wolves in Minecraft from ThatCobblestoneGuy

Today I’m bringing you a tutorial, and this tutorial is on wolves, and how to properly look after them. Wolves need loving and care, so I’m going to be explaining on tips and tricks to keep your wolf alive, and how to care and love for it. Lets get started!

Feed it occasionally:

Wolves are like us, they need food too. Some people don’t understand, and it eventually died. So give it food! It doesn’t matter if it is raw or cooked, it will still heal your dog.
You can tell how hungry a wolf is by its tail, if its up high, it means that it doesn’t need food. If it is hanging down low, It’s best you giving something to munch on, because it’s feeling a little hungry!

Give it exercise, and let it do things with you:

Please guys, don’t be one of those of those annoying people who just leave their wolf in the home all day, just sitting there. Seriously! What monsters are you? When you go out, let it come with you, but DO NOT take it if you are going mining down at around bedrock level, wolves are clumsy, and can fall in lava. It’s not pretty… trust me. If you are going to collect wood, or… exploring let it come with you! If you get to far ahead don’t worry, they have the ability to teleport, they wont teleport if they are sitting. Keep that in mind. At times, I like to go down to the river and swim around with my dog, it gives a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.


Give it shelter:

Dont be one of those people who live in a little crappy shack, or in a little excavated area underground. Please guys, NO. Give it the home it wants, the home is NEEDS.
I like to build a nice modern house, or villa of types. I like to make a room for my wolf. With its own bed, play area, food, water, etc.
Don’t use a dog just for backup, use it for love, and to have a friend with you.

Have a few wolves:

The best thing a wolf can have is friends that actually can play and communicate with them. Also you can breed dogs with raw beef, it is so cute having a little baby around the house, as well as watching it grow up.

Name them, and colour code them:

If you have a few, colour them different colours, like maybe give a boy something more bluish, or green, or red, and a girl maybe purple or pink, just so you can tell them apart, and just makes life easier. Also if you find a name tag in a dungeon or something, name them! Come up with something cute like “cuddles” and “fluffy” or anything in the world you can think of!

When your dog dies:

NEVER, EVER let your dogs death go in vein. Show that you loved for it and cared for it. When my first dog died, I built a whole STATUE of him, I was so upset. I didn’t care that he was virtual, I loved him with all my heart (damn I’m crying now)
If a statue is too much of a challenge, perhaps keep it simple, and build a nice, pretty, grave with flowers all around it,  its tough when your wolf dies. But eventually we overcome these incidents.
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9 thoughts on “How To Care For Your Pet Wolf/Wolves”

  1. I love the wolves! I always make sure my dog has full health and take her anywhere possible. Often I exit without saving if they die. :( I like to feed my dog until she’s on Love Mode, just for the sake of it. I hate when people hit their dogs on purpose and stuff.

  2. A wonderful idea! I was once one of those terrible, terrible people that keep their dogs cramped inside a small dog house, but after reading this, I used every minute on Minecraft I had playing with my dog and collecting materials to dye his collar and feed him. Thank you! My dog thanks you also! :)

  3. @Eric Some people, like myself, can’t help but feel towards them as though they are real, though I usually attribute that to my mild Autism. I care for them, and truly love them as though they are real pets… No use just shutting my feelings away, that only makes them stronger and worse. It’s not sad, emotions and caring tend to be something incredibly difficult to control, if you can control them at all.
    Please, try to take things like this into consideration.

  4. Omg I thought I was the only one! My brother and I were playing MC in survival and we both had wolves. My bro accidentally hit me and that made his wolf attack me. Loyal wolf being loyal wolf, my dog attacked it. I died and so did my dog. I cried.

  5. It is a matter of opinion. I’ll give you two answers.
    1. If you’re a troll, go away its not cute.
    2. Some people like dogs, even video game ones. Its not pathetic. Its very sweet.

  6. I was messing with the /effect command and i found that health boost and regeneration lvl 255 for infinite time makes your dog’s tail go around and around in circles. LOL xD.

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