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I am completely new to the Minecraft Community, and I am aware this has been done COUNTLESS times already. But this save is the reason I got the game in the first place, so I figured I might upload it now that I am nearly done. I’ve spent years and several attempts on it, and now it is in a place where I’d consider it finished. There are still plenty of empty, ugly and unfinished hills around the map, because I was too lazy to polish these corners.

I recommend using the “Conquest” Texture Pack alongside it. It’s the one you can see in the screenshots.

-Detailed exteriors
-MOSTLY filled interiors, just as detailed
-Most if not all of the points of interest from the iconic castle
-A bit of fun with teleporting command blocks as shortcuts šŸ˜€
-Hopefully, a lot of surprises and nice things to discover!

Was also originally intended to have a paperchase element, similar to the original idea of Hogcraft, so expect to see a lot of empty, useless chests in weird locations. That’s it from my side, have fun browsing the castle!

Additional Credits: Built by: MonoFlax


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