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Hidden Bookshelf Chest Trick Keep Your Diamonds Safe

Hat tip to JerenVids who took the time to make this video and screenshot tutorial on how to hide your inventory from others in Minecraft. This seems to work with the following versions 1.8.3 / 1.8 / 1.7. There maybe others let us know and we will get them added to this list!

This is a handy tool especially if you play on any multiplier servers! Keep your enemies from finding all your good stuff!

Your hidden bookshelf storage has only 1 chest space, but you can do it many times with a bigger bookshelf!

So let’s start! I really recommend watching it, because it’s a lot easier to explain this with a video. I still added all the details under this text.

Put any block between two bookshelfs.

Put a rail and a minecart over your block.

Break the block.

Put a piston and a block with a button over your minecart like this.

Put a bookshelf under your piston.

Press the button and magic will happen.

That’s it! Just add few bookshelfs over your hidden storage! Hopefully this will help you to protect your diamonds in multiplayer 🙂

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