Haven | VoxelSniper Terrain

So this is my project, finally stopped procrastinating and got it done. Good work to me! This was a funky project to make as it started off as a 300 x 300 floating island which I was just going to play around with but then I decided I’d to make it into a full on landscape. Kinda went for a mystical type theme but it changed up as I went through with it. Next I’ll be uploading a new WorldPainter map but since it’s been a while and I’ve been burnt out from WorldPainter I wanted to do something in game with Voxel and stuff. I’m not really one to write much in my descriptions so I’m just gonna leave it here lmao.

I hope you enjoy the map my friends!

Tools used:

  • VoxelSniper
  • WorldEdit
  • MCEdit
  • WorldPainter
  • MagicaVoxel
  • Chunky
  • Cinema4D


Additional Credits: Built by: LeafySeaRabbit


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